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David Firth, BS (Industrial Design)

As the designer of the Seattle LightFoot and the Provel d1 digitizer, David has been involved in the evolution of prosthetic components and O & P automation for over 20 years. David’s multidisciplinary design career has encompassed a broad range of projects including housewares, motorcycle fairings, commercial juice extractors, rigging equipment, chocolate production automation, automated industrial machinery, biological warfare detection devices, commercial aircraft test equipment, silicon wafer handling automation,  aerospace composite processing, and prosthetic limb components.  He has 5 patents.

George Macomber, BS (Electrical Engineering), MS (EE), PhD (EE)

George has 30 years of experience in embedded systems engineering and has been responsible for Provel’s electrical engineering from the beginning with the d1 digitizer. He has also written the firmware for all subsequent machines including the digitizers, carvers and thermoformers.  During his career, George has been involved with a diverse range of projects including clinical activity monitoring systems, computerized prosthetic alignment systems, industrial monitoring systems, hydroelectric turbine controllers, and LAN controllers.

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