Board of Advisors

David Boone, BS (P&O), CP, MPH (Health Economics), PhD (Bioengineering)

Dr. Boone is CTO and Co-Founder of Orthocare Innovations, makers of the StepWatch Activity Monitor.  David has spent the past twenty years as an innovator, developer, researcher and instructor in rehabilitation and bioengineering. A frequent lecturer at academic medical centers on prosthetic and rehabilitation topics and widely published author, he is credited with multiple technology patents. He is the inventor and lead developer of two new patent pending alignment technologies: ComPAS™ and RoboPAL.  David received his Ph.D. in Bioengineering from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.  He began his work in prosthetics and prosthetic research under the direction of a pioneer in the field, Dr. Ernest Burgess, and later assumed leadership of Dr. Burgess’ lab, Prosthetic Research Study (PRS) in Seattle.  David was an early and avid proponent of automation in prosthetics and with Jon Harlan started Bio-Logic, a spinoff company from PRS that created ShapeMaker CAD software.

Loren Ceder, BS (Metallurgical Engineering), CPO

Loren entered the field in 1966 at Tacoma Orthotic and Prosthetic Service, which he subsequently owned and operated until 1983 doing both orthotic and prosthetic work.  In 1987 he purchased Dodge and Lundquist, a prosthetic facility in Seattle.  In 1990, Loren formed Orthotic and Prosthetic Rehabilitation Center, a state of the art Seattle facility including CAD CAM capability.  Now retired, Loren has continued his work in the field as a volunteer with Prosthetics Outreach Foundation in Vietnam, Bangladesh and Sierra Leone.

Dave Mathews, BS (P&O), CP, LP

Prior to starting Island Prosthetics & Orthotics on Whidbey Island in 2001, Dave was Research Prosthetist at PRS in Seattle.  He has conducted many Shapemaker training sessions and authored and contributed to a number of papers and articles. Dave has been a member of the Clinical Faculty of the University of Washington Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, and served as Clinical Director of Prosthetics Outreach Foundation.  He is currently Clinical Director of Kids First Vietnam.  CAD CAM is an integral part of his work at Island Prosthetics & Orthotics.

Raymond Pye, BS (Industrial Design)

Raymond has been with Prosthetics Outreach Foundation since 1996. He has specialized in the design and manufacture of lower limb prosthetic components in both the private and humanitarian sectors since 1985. Raymond directed manufacturing of the Seattle foot for M+IND Corporation and later worked as marketing director for the Asian region. Since 1996 he has been the technical director for Prosthetics Outreach Foundation which assists with prosthetic services and component development projects in Vietnam, Bangladesh and Sierra Leone.  Raymond received a New Zealand Certificate of Engineering from the Christchurch Institute of Technology in his native New Zealand.

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