CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing) consists of capturing the residual limb shape with a digitizer, modifying the shape (for the usual reasons) using CAD software, carving the model, and then thermoforming a socket over the model.  The reasons for automating haven’t changed much in 200 years.  CAD/CAM  is simply a tool for increasing productivity, improving quality, and reducing costs. 

Automation makes it possible to create a socket in as little as one hour, from casting to thermoforming.  It allows the practitioner to document and duplicate socket design.  Socket volume changes are easy to accomplish with controlled accuracy.  And it can help keep costs under control.  Perhaps the biggest advantage is having more time for patients.  

If you’re ready for automation, purchasing the right equipment will make the transition much easier.  You’ll want ease of use, reliability, low maintenance, no monthly user or upgrade fees, and compatibility with industry standard software.

How does CAD/CAM work and what can it do for me?


With a Provel d2 Digitizer, you can begin the process in the traditional way by taking a cast.  Instead of filling the cast with plaster to make a positive model, the cast is placed in the digitizer for shape capture.  The D2 creates an AOP file which is sent to the CAD computer for modification.

Digitizing Video


The digitized file is modified with any O&P software using the industry standard AOP file format. 


The carved model is placed in the thermoformer after the preform has been loaded.  When the preform has reached forming temperature, it’s automatically drawn over the model and formed under vacuum. 

Thermoforming Video


The modified file is sent to the carver as an AOP file.  The positive model is carved from a rigid urethane foam blank. 

Carving Video

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