Carved BK Socket Model

C5, C5L Carver

The Provel C5 is a fully automated 3 axis CNC servo carving machine designed to quickly and accurately cut models for sockets and AFO’s, as well as flexible covers.  The larger c5L will also cut TLSO’s.   A BK socket model takes about four minutes to carve with an accuracy of .010” (.25 mm).  The c5 is reliable, productive,  and easy to use.  Simply create an AOP file, send it to the carver with Provel Carve, load the blank, and press Start. With its embedded microprocessor, it does not require a dedicated computer.  The c5 is very quiet because it does not require conventional dust collection equipment.  Keeping the carve chamber isolated from the guide shafts and ball screws with the differential pressure system prevents dust from being drawn into the linear bearings and the ball nuts ensuring long life, even if cutting plaster.  The vertical design requires less floor space than any other carver on the market and will fit thru a standard doorway. The indexable mandrel allows a model to be carved, thermoformed with the mandrel, and then reinstalled in the carver for cutting the trim line.  Cutter operation can only occur when the door is closed.  The c5 is suitable for clinics of all sizes including high volume central fabs and requires minimal maintenance. Durable welded stainless steel construction with an illuminated carving area and easily removable front panels for service access. 

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