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Provel Digitize

    Provel Digitize is a tool for downloading data from Provel and Seattle d1, d1L, and d2 digitizers.  Data is saved in the .aop file format used by O&P CAD/CAM applications.

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Provel Carve

    Provel Carve is a tool for sending data to a Provel Carver.  Data in the .aop  file format, that

can be imported by most O&P CAD/CAM applications, is  loaded and displayed.  There are options for adding a transition region to  the bottom of sockets.  The shape data is sent to the carver over a serial port.

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Spincraft AOP Viewer

    AOP Viewer provides access to all data in any AOP file. It displays shapes and landmarks in 3D             or cross-section views with measurement.  Other embedded properties are displayed as text.      Download Link

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