C7 Benefits

  • Quick, accurate cuts - about three minutes to carve a transtibial socket model with an accuracy of .010”/.25mm
  • Quiet - Does not require conventional dust collection equipment
  • Simplified - With an embedded microprocessor, a dedicated computer is not required. This eliminates the vulnerability of an onboard PC, operating system updates, annual upgrade fees, and the inevitable obsolescence of the computer. 
  • Streamlined - Vertical design occupies less floor space than any other carver on the market and fits through standard doorways.
  • Safe - Cutter only operates when door is closed. 
  • Minimal maintenance - Durable welded stainless steel construction with an illuminated carving area and easily removable front panels for service access. Maintenance includes cleaning the carving chamber filter, periodically vacuuming the chips off the bellows, and checking/ lubricating the ball screws annually.
  • Versatile - Suitable for clinics of all sizes including high volume central fabs. 

The Provel C7 is a fully automated, 3 axis CNC servo carving machine designed to quickly and accurately cut models for sockets, AFOs, and TLSOs. Its reliable, fast, and easy to use. Simply create an aop, obj, or stl file, send it to the carver with Provel Carve, load the blank, and press Start. 

Product Details

A word about accuracy


People sometimes define accuracy in terms of resolution, but they are not the same. What accuracy really means is how closely the carved shape follows the contours of the CAD file. Accuracy depends on several factors including resolution, repeatably accurate calibration, servo error bands, tool path algorithms, and mechanical alignment of the axes of motion.


The C7 has a resolution of .00005” (0.001 mm). Resolution by itself doesn’t mean very much. But the C7 repeatably auto-calibrates within .0005” (0.01mm). Accuracy is also influenced by the precision of the tool path algorithm in the carver software. Finally, the axis of rotation of the carving blank must be parallel with the carvers long axis, or the volume of the carved shape will not match the volume of the carving file along its length. Bottom line,the C7 will cut a shape within .010” (0.25 mm) of the specified shape. 

How quiet is the C7?


The C7 uses built-in fans and blowers to create negative pressure in the carve enclosure to keep dust in and positive pressure in the equipment enclosure to keep dust out. The chips fall into the waste bin with most of the dust. Remaining dust is captured in an easily cleaned filter in the carve enclosure. From three feet away,  the C7 sound level is 76 dB (A scale) when cutting two inches deep in four-pound density rigid urethane foam. For comparison, a vacuum cleaner measured at three feet is a common reference for 80 dB. Sound levels above 85 dB are considered harmful with prolonged exposure. Every increase of 10 dB represents an increase of 10 times the sound pressure. 



Overall Size                    



Spindle Speed            

Standard Cutter            

Long Cutter                

Spindle Bore                


Serial Interface                



Auto Calibration          


Waste Bin                    

22” (56 cm) diameter x 33” (84 cm), 3.5” over center travel possible with 11" cutter 

27” x 49.5” x 79” (69 x 126 x 201 cm)

520 lbs (236 kg)

115 VAC 10A, 230 VAC 5A, 50/60 Hz

3,000 RPM

18 mm diameter x 8.5” long

18 mm diameter x 11” long


Ø1.56 x 6”, plus 10” extension

RS-232 USB converter included

Home, Calibrate, Setup, Tool, Return, Start, Up, Down, Stop

20 character x 4 line back lit LCD

0005” (.01 mm)

Inlet, Exhaust

45 gallon capacity





Provel Carve

Provel Carve allows you to configure and send an AOP, STL, or OBJ file to a Provel carver via a serial port. You can specify the blank size, uncarved length, a transition zone, and a check ring if desired. Provel Carve graphically depicts the carve chamber, the blank, the mandrel, the carved shape, and other user specified additions


Provel Carve Software 2.0 b99
C7 Product Sheet

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